Do you Want to Become a Notary?

While some people have the drive to become a notary, others do not. In fact, notaries comprise only a tiny percentage of the United States population. Still, they are needed in every state. Generally, one will be licensed in a single state.

The good news is that this limitation will not disturb the potential income from being a notary. After all, why do you want to be a notary? Part of it is for money on the side or to improve eligibility for getting certain jobs.

how to become a notary

You may be wondering how to become a notary. If you have never done this before, understand that the process is very easy and also fast. You simply apply for your license in a particular state, meet the standards, and then you receive a kit in the mail that has all you need to get started. You have to be a United States citizen and have a clean background history. Once these issues are clarified, there is little way to be turned down.

It is important to remember this is a responsibility. You will be overseeing the signing of legal documents, mutual business agreements, real estate contracts, and pretty much any form which requires a witnessed completion.

Most contracts and documents should work this way whether it is requested or not. Now you will be the one making sure that everything is filled out and signed properly. This creates a legally binding contract.

You do get to charge a reasonable amount to notarize documents. Sometimes you will do this through your employer and they get a percentage. Otherwise, you can offer the service in general and publicize you position as a notary. The license will eventually expire and you can work through the same service used at the start in order to continue with being a notary.